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Welcome to our website and thank you for stopping by. My name is Grape-Nuts, one of the many founders of this social origin, Gaming Clan. My brothers and I, along with a few friends started the Cereal Killers over five years ago. We had been holding local LAN parties nearly every month in each other's homes and eventually our own building. An old shop building which humorously started as the first erotic lingerie and novelty (sex toy) shop in our small town of Denison Texas.


We have played many games over the years. Mostly Call of duty 1,2, and 4. We also raised hell with battlefield, 1942, 2 and even 2142. At one point we had over 15 local members which for this town, trust me, is relay impressive. Most people here don't know how to turn a computer on let alone install a game. We recently decided to go online and start expanding our clan from purely local, to world wide. We have already procured a few kick ass players and all round cool guys and are seeking more.


Before I get into this next subject, I would first like to point out that the Cereal Killers of yesterday are mostly all married or so pussy whooped that they are unrecognizable without dental records. The few dedicated local members we have left have decided to do away with our local monthly LAN parties or gatherings and focus are combined attention to our online efforts. We realize that it's not easy, and that no one starts an online clan from nothing and becomes an overnight success; unless of course they have superb timing and start their clan along with the release of an amazing and highly anticipated game. Sadly we did not have such good timing most of the best games are already out and have been for some time. So it would seem that most of the early birds have already gotten all the fat juicy worms.


Yes we understand that we have more of a chance at becoming Amish porn stars than having the largest most popular BF2, CoH, RoN, or even WoW, Clan on the internet. What we are going for is the "Nintendo" approach we are not directly competing with other clans, though we do have skirmish matches. We are an alternate type of clan a middle way clan. Yes we are recruiting and yes we do want to eventually be bigger than Mario but damn it we have to start somewhere.


If you are reading this it's probably because you like playing with us on our private server or perhaps you are an evil spy from another clan sent to unravel the mystery that is Chuck. Chuck is our Avatar and possibly the baddest ass logo for a clan yet, I should know, I created him. But Chuck is also an idea, a standard for gamers and I don't mean ambidextrous, though that would be sweet. No, I'm talking about attitude. Chuck is a gamer through and through, not a whiny little bitch. Chuck is tolerant to some degree of whiny little bitches because Chuck respects others that are either better or worse than him at a game because in the end it's not about winning it's about having fun.


If you're looking for a Clan of other incredibly skilled nothing better to do but practice shooting people in the head all day type of people go join an E-Sports team, if you can get in. Chuck understands that you are human and may want to play a different game every now and then; Chuck's cool with that he likes to switch around to. Yes Chuck has a BF2 server but he also hangs out in Guild wars, Wow, he likes to crack skulls in TF2 and even pipes down to the Ruins hunting Del Sabers in PSO from time to time. Like you, Chuck also has ADHD and is up for many long hours playing many different games and sometimes just browsing porn and having private time.


Chuck is a funny mother fucker but understands that some people just aren't. He tries to have a good sense of humor towards the sarcastic and sadistic bastards out there and even calls a few of them brother or douche bag which is kind of the same thing. So, yes we are accepting members, members like Chuck. We can't all be perfect but what's stopping us from being Chuck.


Are you Chuck enough?

  Oh, And just to get this straight, Chuck is not inspired by or in any way shape or form related to "Chuck Norris" and is not to be confused with "Chuck Norris". Chuck has a much bigger dick than "Chuck Norris" end of discussion.

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