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 Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Rules   Thu Aug 21, 2008 12:20 am

The Cereal Killers Clan is a local based clan that went online and is built on trust, loyalty, friendship and FUN. This Clan Originated in Summer 2003. Therefore the following rules are in effect and applicable in any official clan function or method of communication, such as, but not limited to, Ventrilo.

Respect Everyone:
We ask all our members to respect all clan members, clan friends, allies, etc. All we ask is not to "flame bait" or talk badly of other clan members, friends and allies. Regardless of rank, everyone deserves mutual respect. Being a respectful player projects a very good image of our clan as well as yourself. This rule is another important factor in the occurrence of clan promotions.

Be a good sport at all times. This means no whining! If someone compliments you, acknowledge it. (A simple "thanks" will suffice.) Complimenting others is encouraged (especially other clan members) but not required or expected. Sometimes acting in an honorable and sportsman like manner encourages others to do the same, and it reflects well on the clan.
This is not to say that you cannot fight back if provoked or defend yourself when accused of dishonorable tactics such as camping, etc. But don't spend a lot of time arguing with other players. If someone is being a jerk and will not stop, it's best to ignore them and frag them every chance you get.
DO NOT BICKER with each other in server's it does not look good for our clan and others that want to join.

Do not brag. If you are a good player, people will know, and no boasting will be necessary. A good player who is modest about his abilities is better than a great player with a great ego to match. If someone comments that you are a good player, do not reply with "I know." A simple "Thanks" sounds much better.

Do not accuse someone else of being a camper, even if they are. If they are really camping, they should be easy to kill the second time around.

All members go to there Division Officer with problem's or questions they will take care of it, if the Division Officer need assistance with there problem's they will Contact The (CKC) Cereal Killer Command.
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Clan Rules
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